About Igniting Minds

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step” – Lau-tzu

Igniting Minds was founded in 2010 by Jacqueline Davis who has over 25 years experience of developing talent in the creative and voluntary sectors.

We deliver executive, and business coaching through 1:1 and group sessions to support organisations and individuals to develop authentic leadership and personal power.

Change on the inside

Jacqueline founded Igniting Minds as a response to the levels of stress that she observed in the work-place.  She herself had been a stressed executive in the voluntary sector and then she learned that stress really was an option.  In just a few coaching sessions clients further expand their awareness to identify more opportunities and create more ease in achieving their goals.  

Through 1:2:1 and group coaching and training we share powerful and long-lasting techniques that clients can use to change their lives for the better.  Many executives and senior managers are keen to share these techniques with their colleagues to develop a coaching culture and recreate their workplace as a stress-free environment.

Increasing clarity

Leadership Coaching

From doubt comes clarity.

Demographik has been a client for over three years.  They designed our stunning solar eclipse logo after experiencing Jackie’s coaching and board development sessions.  Sandra Wheatley the director of the design agency said “The work of Igniting Minds is like a solar eclipse – doubt and confusion lift to reveal clarity.”

We believe that clarity is our natural thinking state and through coaching we learn to return to this state to sharpen our thinking and make clear informed decisions.  The health and well-being of you our client is paramount so we are always investing in our own learning to ensure we bring you the latest coaching techniques and a first class service.

Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise and committed to bring positive change to the world which is why we actively target voluntary, social and creative enterprises.  Our work can be life changing and we believe these techniques should be available to all.  For this reason we offer bursaries to small charities and individuals and groups experiencing or at risk of social exclusion.

How can we help?  

Our clients are surprised by how quickly they achieve their desired results through our coaching and training.  Whatever it is you want to achieve we can help you do it.                                                                                                                        

Email or phone 020 8740 8802 

“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” – Gandhi

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