How To Be Mindful

I was recently reminded of the meeting between Carl Jung and a Hopi elder called Mountain Lake who told  Jung that the white man was crazy as he says he thinks with his head.  Jung was puzzled and asked what else would a man think with?  Mountain Lake put his hand to his heart and said we think from here!

When we silence the mind and tune into our heart we gain clarity of thinking and make better decisions.  I am often surprised and saddened when I hear professional people speaking about stress as if it wasn’t an option.  Someone who had recently had a heart attack at work told me that stress went with the job.

When we are feeling overwhelmed it is not what is happening to us that is making us feel this way but the way that we are thinking about it.  Our feelings are created by our thoughts.  Think about it.  When was the last time you felt really great – just thinking about this will change your emotional state.

Practising mindfulness plants us firmly in the here and now.  By being fully conscious with what is we enjoy the moment.  We only ever live in one moment and that is the one we are in right now.  It is in this moment that we have power to change the way we think about the past and to plan and sow the seeds for the future.

So, really appreciate each breath you take, notice what’s around you and give your attention fully to one person at a time.  Something magical happens – each moment seems longer and we experience and achieve so much more.  Or invest in one of our coaching or training programmes.

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