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Transformational Coaching.

About transformational coaching

Transformational coaching is a deep process and creates lasting change. It expands our thinking to take us towards or into later more mature stages of consciousness.  We call this vertical development as opposed to performance and skills based horizontal development.

It is now known that the brain continues to develop throughout our adult lives.  It is also recognised that our individual consciousness needs to expand to help us make sense of the complexity and uncertainty that we are now experiencing in the world. The world is changing and leaders and professionals need to think globally and co-creatively to ensure a sustainable future.   Transformational coaching supports this level of thinking by encouraging a greater curiosity and understanding of the way we make meaning of our experiences and explore other possible meanings.

Transformational coaching helps us identify our default patterns and the stories that we create based on our beliefs, values and past experiences.  It helps us develop a more mature thinking style that helps us to make decisions in the face of uncertainty and gives us more choice in how we respond in the moment. It helps us grow into a more expansive later stage of consciousness to enable us to make sense of and successfully lead through the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world that we live and work in. 

Transformational coaches 

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A transformational coach uses a deep level of presence to create a safe, nurturing yet challenging relationship within which we can explore thinking, feelings, emotions and behaviours.  We do this through active listening and observation that heightens the senses of both coach and coachee.  This is proven to help my clients develop an increased somatic awareness of the sensations, thoughts and emotions that trigger unwanted and sabotaging behaviours.  Working with this level of attention heightens our awareness of ourselves, our relationship with others and also the systems within which we function.  This level of active focus and attention induces a state of mindfulness and increases our intuition and the ability to make and implement decisions.

Transformational coaches can coach at the level of the performance and developmental and added to this is the understanding and changing of the patterns that we default to under pressure.  Transformational coaching creates real and lasting change as it raises awareness of how we get in our own way and provides us with a choice to respond differently.  This coaching can shift the way an individual makes meaning the world and shift the stage of consciousness that an organisation functions from.  More information on transforming organisations can be read here.

Creativity, visualisation, constellations and play.

Our coaching sessions will help you explore what is really going on and bring our hidden and automated functions to the surface.  To do this we question and reflect back what we see, hear and sense and we help you explore further what is really going on beneath the surface by employing  creative techniques. For example we might draw the issue on paper or position objects to create constellations and structures to map your internal world externally so that you can see more clearly what might be going on for you.  

These techniques draw our attention to how we might be processing past and perceived future experiences and how we and our relationships with others are influenced by systemic processes.  This information reveals their influences on our behaviours in the hear and now.  We work deeply yet hold the exploration lightly with curiosity and play.  We do our best thinking and work when we are having fun.

We look at things differently, we do things differently and you leave the coaching session with a heightened awareness and new ideas. When we give this much attention to ourselves we become more confident and comfortable with our self -authority, we develop the courage to be autonomous and speak up even when we are the lone voice and it gives us agency to stand firm and take action.

What do you really want?

Research show that transformational coaching can move us through to a more expanded consciousness.  One is which we are able to hold more complexity and ambiguity and think more systemically and globally.  You can read more on the stages of consciousness in transforming leaders; will transformational leaders ensure the future of humanity; and more about action logics.

Other Genres of Coaching

Coaching has grown to meet the new and emerging demands of leadership today.  When coaching was first used in business it was performance coaching.  Taken from the world of sport it focussed on performance and behaviours.  There was a tendency for it to be considered remedial and employees were often assigned a coach when there was a performance issue.

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Today the value of coaching and the return on investment is widely acknowledged. It is a highly valued intervention in the development of people at all levels in the organisation. Individuals perceive it as an honour to be assigned a coach.  It is received as a recognition that the company is investing in them. Developmental coaching takes a more holistic approach to developing performance and skills and focusses on developing the person to reach their full potential.

Harthill Leadership Development Framework

Igniting Minds is a certificated user of  the Harthill Leadership Development Framework.  We offer an assessment of your preferred action logic that you use to make meaning of the world.  Assessment in itself is a great awareness raiser of why we think and behave in the way that we do.  You can then choose to be coached to consolidate within this stage or move towards a more expanded stage.  More about Action Logics.

The human journey

Creating the quality space and time for you to think.

It is part of the human journey that we encounter challenges throughout our lives and we often create coping mechanisms that can become habits and stay with us long after the challenges have been overcome. These automatic thoughts and behaviors can become the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our full potential. Running on auto pilot they become our blind spots.

Within the safety of the coaching relationship we can bring outdated scripts, beliefs and patterns into awareness and explore new ways of thinking and behaving that supports the personal and professional growth you want.

Transformational coaching to expand your preferred style of meaning making. 

Coaching is tailored to your individual needs and so it begins with an exploration of what a successful coaching outcome will look like for you. We offer psychometric testing to determine the Action Logic that you generally make meaning from and can then coach you to develop into a more expansive action logic.  To read more about this click here.

What our clients say. Click here for more testimonials

”Wow, I have only had one session and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my working shoulders!”Lesley Dodd, CEO, Ealing Mencap?

“Each meeting with Jacqueline helped me to clarify my goals and ambitions and left me with concrete actions and practical strategies.” Jonny Shipp, Head of Digital Confidence at Telefonica plc  

“Jacqueline has been an exceptional executive coach and helped me achieve the successful relocation to the O2 and fully employ the change management techniques required to enhance faculty performance and for staff to fully adopt new working practices.” Barbara Howell, Senior Executive, Ravensbourne College

“As a result of her coaching I have been able to handle challenging people and situations while remaining calm under pressure. I have no hesitation in recommending Jackie as the ‘go-to’ coach for managers wishing to move into higher profile leadership roles.”  Civil Servant, London

“Took me on an amazing journey and she was spot on.  Would highly recommend her as a coach.”Dr Dimple Devados, GP.