Centred Leadership

Somatic Coaching

Authentic leadership comes from the inside.  Any organisation or business will only grow as far as the confidence and capabilities of its’ leaders.  Have you been on a leadership training course to find that on your return to the workplace nothing of significance has changed and there are still people and situations that weaken your self confidence and your ability to influence a team?

Whether you are a CEO, MD or manager who knows that they are capable of achieving so much more and know that there is an easier way to effortlessly lead the team.  Wherever you are and wherever you want to be in your leadership development  coaching will support you to develop and lead from your personal power.  When we are centred in our body we have clarity of thought and decision making and our confidence inspires others to listen and follow us.  

Our leadership coaching will develop the authentic leader within you to help you become and stay centred in your body and your leadership role.  The coach will be your mirror to work with you to identify successful and unsuccessful strategies for staying balanced and in your power. Together we will recognise the trigger points that cause you to lose balance and your successful and unsuccessful strategies to keep you balanced or unbalanced. You will learn quickly and effortlessly to stay centred and balanced and to rebalance yourself quickly should you go off centre. 

It is difficult if not impossible to identify and change these ingrained strategies by ourselves.  That is why successful leaders have coaches.  A coach will be your mirror and work with you to identify what is no longer serving you and help you move effortlessly towards achieving your goals.

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Here’s a gift from us to help you develop your inner leadership and stay in your power regardless of what is happening around you. Click here for How to be Centred.