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How To Be Centred

Tips on how to stay centred and and avoid being thrown off balance regardless of what might be happening around you.

Grow taller

With both feet firmly on the ground imagine a cord from the centre of your head pulling you upwards and a cord from your sitting bone pulling you downwards. You will notice your body growing longer and therefore taller.

Soften eyes

Slightly widen your peripheral vision to soften your gaze. Tip you chin down slightly to soften the your face.

Expand your chest

Breathe in and out deeply and slowly. Notice your chest widening. Pull your shoulder blades down and into the centre of your back.

Weight equal on both feet

Rock side to side until you find the natural centre for you. Then rock forward and back until you find the natural centre for you.


Take your attention to your “Hara” This is your centre of power. It is situated 2” below the navel. When you breathe into here and think from here you are in your power.

You are now centred and in your power radiating a strong leadership  presence that will attract people to listen and follow you.  This is the perfect state for making decisions, negotiating, influencing and giving presentations. Not to be confused with power over others.

Step into this before any potentially stressful situation and check in regularly to maintain this state throughout the meeting, presentation or conversation.  The more you do this the more natural leading from your inner place of power will be for you.

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