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How To Be Brilliant


Coaching out the brilliance within
What would you do if you knew how brilliant you really were?

Five Tips To Shine

Tip One – Start with the end in mind.
Take time to decide your desired outcome before you act or communicate.  Think about the result you want and then decide on the best action to take to achieve it.

Tip Two – Find someone who has already achieved it.
Who do you know who is excellent at what you want to achieve.  If one person can do it we can all do it.  Observe them, question them or read about them.  Find out as much as you can about their strategy and copy it.

Tip Three – There’s no such thing as failure only feedback.
What didn’t go so well? What got in the way?  Is there anything you could have done differently that may have got you a more desirable outcome?

Bring Out Your Inner Brilliance
Bring Out Your Inner Brilliance

Tip Four -Take time to reflect.
Often in our fast paced lives we forget to allow for reflection and preparation before we move on to the next steps.  Take some time to think about what you have achieved.  What did you learn from this? Is there anything that you have learned that would transfer across to other areas of your life?

Tip Five – Book a holiday.  
We get far more done when we are racing to meet a deadline and there is no better reflection time than a holiday.  New surroundings give us a different perspective. It doesn’t have to be a long holiday a mini break is just as effective.

A walk in nature can be as re-energising as a holiday away.

Remember to smile keep thinking about the best possible outcome as if it has already happened, think about a time you felt really happy and confident and turn up those feelings till you feel you might burst with happiness.  Do this every day for a month and then reflect on the changes that have happened.



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