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“I recently had my first coaching session with Jackie and am really pleased to notice that the small adjustments I have started to make are already making a noticeable difference both in my personal and professional life. I was impressed by Jackie’s breadth of knowledge and her ability to use different perspectives and approaches to help me explore and choose solutions to the issues I wanted support with.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her coaching and counselling to anyone in need to help in their personal or professional life.” Dominique, Work Coach

“Jackie and I held  a few sessions at a time when I got stuck.  Her open approach and her skill to go beyond the obvious coaching techniques guided me to the answers I was looking for.  I am very grateful and I really feel like the hurdles in my life have been removed. Thank you Jackie.”   MT Senior Strategist, Corporate

“I have found Jackie genuine and empathetic as a coach.  I would describe her as someone with a great deal of knowledge but remains very mindful of moving at the client’s pace with sensitivity.  I have appreciated her creative approach in the sessions and have been grateful for her support.”  S.S, Deputy Team Manager, Children’s Social Care.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Jackie, who has been there showing her support in this unprecedented time of uncertainty, risk and loss. With Jackie’s help I was able to find a way to deal with the current situation and put a plan of action in regards to my professional career. She helped me outline and see what is important to me and how I can achieve my goals and create a plan of action. I was able to understand what triggers my actions and how to manage my reactions. There are many programs on leadership, motivations, personal development, which could be followed, listen, however being able to interact and talk to Jackie has had immense impact and experience, a great way to move forward and achieve lasting results.” KDD – HR professional West London

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday – my spirits were entirely lifted as a result.  I need to schedule a session with you after every Trustee meeting!”  Rachel: Executive Director of national charity.

“Thank you for helping me step into my dream career and not give up. I could not have done it without your encouragement, and belief in me.” F. M. B Art Therapist, London.

“Its early days with my work coaching with Jackie (3 sessions plus introduction) but based on this experience to date I would totally recommend. She has provided a time and space for calm reflection providing insightful reflections based on our conversations. She formulates useful and creative approaches and strategies that are helping me within my work in a busy and changing environment. I look forward to my sessions as her approach creates a sense of safety and support alongside supporting my personal and leadership development.” Mary O’Donell, Operations Manager NHS

“Often in coaching sessions, you can feel like the coach has an agenda for you to follow. Instead, Jackie came to our sessions with a uniquely open-mind – allowing space for the innovative thinking I needed to view my profession in an entirely different light. The head-space and creative revelations generated during our sessions eventually led to those ideas being published and a chain-reaction of career-changing events that sparked from there. I can’t thank Jackie enough for her ability to carefully listen and help co-create ideas and patterns of working that I use each and every day’ – Dave MacFarlane, Social Worker

“I have found my coaching sessions with Jackie to be incredibly helpful and thought-provoking. Jackie has challenged my thinking and encouraged me to consider new perspectives, but always does so in a very supportive and encouraging way. Coaching with Jackie always feels like a “safe space,” with all questions and challenges invited with genuine curiosity and without judgement. Jackie has supported me to become more mindful in my everyday life, and has also helped me to improve my resilience, both professionally and personally. I have found these coaching sessions to be an invaluable haven for reflection, and would recommend Jackie in an instant.” Charlotte Lee, Newly Qualified Social Worker, Children and Young People Disability Service, Achieving for Children

“Jackie was so intuitive. I was feeling stuck in my life and working with Jackie helped me identify what I wanted and gave me the confidence to go for it. Would highly recommend her as a coach” Dr Dimple Devados (GP)

“It was Jackie’s brillant coaching that helped me to secure a job with a great charity and now l have the opportunity to pursue my dream role and learn so much along the way.  Jackie has been helpful, supportive, insightful and gracious with her advice and experience.  I would recommend her to anyone.”  J.M Job seeker London See full case study

“Each meeting with Jacqueline helped me to clarify my goals and ambitions and left me with concrete actions and practical strategies.  She helped me communicate better and have the impact necessary to progress both at work and in other parts of my life.  Time very well spent.”  Jonny Shipp Head of Digital Confidence at Telefonica Europe plc  

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“Ravensbourne has gone through a significant period of change, in part due to relocation to a new build next to the O2. Jacqueline has been an exceptional executive coach and helped me achieve the successful transition (relocation) and fully employ the change management techniques required to enhance faculty performance and for staff to fully adopt new working practices.” Barbara Howell, Senior Executive, Ravensbourne College

“I wanted to increase my confidence and attract more clients. After five sessions with Jacqueline I achieved it and so much more! Her excellent experience, skills and intuition helped me discover what held me back in life! Feeling very grateful to Jackie and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.” S.B. London

 “Jackie helped build my confidence after I transitioned into a middle management position from previously leading a small team. As a result of her coaching I have been able to handle challenging people and situations while remaining calm under pressure. I have no hesitation in recommending Jackie as the “go-to” coach for managers wishing to move into higher profile leadership roles.” Civil Servant, London

From the very first session I was able to change my thinking and immediately found solutions to my problems. You have the knack of asking the question to lead me to find the right answers for me. I still find it utterly amazing that in a short space of time I’ve overcome emotional and psychological problems that I had harboured for years.   Your coaching sessions have made such an important contribution to the life that I live now. I reap the benefit of our sessions everyday. Thank you! “J B, property developer, London

“In the 9 months that I have been coached by Jackie I have doubled my earnings, gained a contract to sing at the Covent Garden Opera House and moved into the house of my dreams.” Sharon Selman, Opera Singer and Owner of Unique Fairtrade.

“Thanks again for your precious help, only a few sessions have really helped me make a big difference.”  LV, trainer,  London

“We are delighted that working with Igniting Minds helped us win a £325,000 Lottery bid” Kaveh Kalantari – Iranian Association

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“You have really made a positive impact on my thinking and approach to work.” DS, fashion designer, London.

“I was promoted to a senior management position and Jackie’s coaching helped me develop my leadership and management  skills.  With coaching I was able to step up to my new role with confidence and enjoy overcoming each new challenge.” Safa Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Hale.

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“Jackie has been my coach for nearly two years and the experience has been very creative and innovative. You tap into your energy and the light bulb brightens; after a session you feel lifted and ready to face the challenge ahead. Being the CEO of a voluntary sector organisation I would recommend this valuable time with her to help get ideas into perspective for growth, development and sustainability. Very, very interesting sessions.” Ibukun Olashore, CEO, OBAC

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“I am grateful to Jackie for helping us realise that we are capable of achieving much in the face of adversity.  Jackie empowered us to succeed and her vast experience of working in the voluntary sector was invaluable.” Kaveh Kalantari Funding and Development Manager, Iranian Association 

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“Jackie’s coaching sessions are a constant source of knowledge, inspiration, empowerment and boundless positive energy that have enabled me to have the confidence to take risks and grasp at opportunities that I wouldn’t have previously considered.  Jackie has created a space for me to re-focus on what is important and leave any negative thoughts behind.  I leave the sessions on a high with thoughts of endless possibilities.  I have grown in so many ways both professionally and personally and I am so delighted and privileged to have  Jackie as my Executive Coach.” Teresa McGinn Director H&F MENCAP

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“An amazing Business Coach & NLP practitioner working with her focused my intentions & helped my business to go from strength to strength. I am now much more productive and achieving brilliant results.” Sarah Tyler Walters, Owner of Voices of Spirit.

“Great session yesterday Jackie.  You are a great addition to my life”  Patrick Campbell, OH TV

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 “Wow, I have only had 1 session and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my working shoulders! Jackie’s approach challenges your thinking on how you manage and lead staff. This is definitely not just a chat/supervision, Jackie’s techniques help you to consider your experiences past and present and the impact/influences these have had on you as a leader and as a person.  I cannot wait for my next session I know it will support me to make the changes I need to make to ensure we continue to have a robust up to date organisation that meet our customers and our funders expectations.”  Lesley Dodd, CEO, Ealing Mencap

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“It was such a wonderful session.  I really enjoyed being alive and in the moment and I feel that you really inspire me to be as authentic as I can possibly be.” Nadine Mortimer Smith, Opera Singer

“I didn’t realize how much our thoughts can influence our lives until I attended Jackie’s coaching sessions.  Not only were they very enjoyable and inspiring, but  I came away feeling that I truly was responsible for my own destiny and that even small changes can have powerful effects.” Mary Pearce, Disability Volunteer Co-ordinator,  Hammersmith Volunteer Centre

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  “I have had the privilege of working with Jackie over the last year, and she has been a valuable asset to my business and my own development. As a business owner and without a large corporate framework and superiors, I had set my own development ‘ceiling’ for many years. Working with Jackie has been inspirational and has enabled me to break through this ‘ceiling’. She has encouraged me to keep focussed and challenged, and to push myself into areas I may otherwise have shied away from. Jackie is thoroughly professional and talented, and her skills and experience are vast and multi-faceted.” Sandra Wheatley, Director, Demographik

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“Participating in Jacqueline Davis coaching sessions is a powerful experience. I have learnt to interact with other people the way I have never thought possible. It is amazing! Coming from a fixed mindset to the mindset of growth opens a wealth of opportunities. Jacqueline is a diamond and I am so glad I have her as a coach in my life.” Norbert Wolszlegier, Manager, The Doughnut Factory

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Jackie has really helped us all move on significantly as a team”  Clare Norton, CEO, Peter Bedford Housing Association

Reflective practice
Good coaching brings out the authentic diamond within you.

Jackie’s supportive and challenging coaching technique means that you get real results. The sessions that I had with Jackie helped me to tweak some of my approach to management and leadership, and overhaul other bits. Great results!  Lisa Bartlett Senior Manager, Brook

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“I highly recommend Jacqueline as a business coach. She is igniting our minds every week at the Business Coaching Circle which is helping me build confidence and good business skills. We all find that Jackie is an expert at enabling us to create resourceful states and determination to achieve our business goals. I now feel so much more confident in my abilities as a successful business woman and public speaker.  Jackie is an expert in  NLP coaching. Since I joined the group on 4th May I realise more and more how talented she is.  Thanks a lot Jackie.” HANIA AOUAD Owner Spa Maroc

“This workshop could help people with depression change their lives.” Ann Chad, Chair of Hillingdon CVS.

“What a great session.”  “Everyone should know this stuff.”   “This is life changing.”   “I can’t believe how much time I wasted with stressful thoughts.” Participants on our stress busting workshops

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“The workshop focused my attention on where I want to be and how to get there – which I will!” Julia Halligan, Participant on Create Your Future workshop

“The workshop was perfect and Jackie was excellent. It gave me the confidence I needed” Steve McHugh, Participant on Create Your Future workshop

“The workshop was one of the most illuminating learning experiences that I have had in my life” Lucy Haresting, Participant on Create Your Future workshop

 “I really enjoyed Wednesday and have already started to think more time efficiently with my normal to do list. Every minute counts now!” Heather Channing, Business woman

“Jackie’s positive, friendly and flexible approach ensured that everyone learned something and enjoyed the session.” Anneka Deva, Grad Programme Coordinator, EnvisionEnvision Case Study

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Jackie’s coaching  is transformational

Working with Jackie has made me aware of some long-term behavioural patterns that have kept me stuck in a groove; she has provided me with tools to help recognise and deal with situations that bring out these patterns when they arise.” Catharine Browne, Freelance Editor

“Since using Jacqueline’s services, I have improved the structure of my business and received invaluable advice that supported me to develop sustainable business growth.” Lee Hazard, CEO, Mobile Media Training

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