How to find the right coach

We have put this information together to help you understand how to find the right coach for you. If you need further advice and guidance do call us on 020 8740 8802

 Think about what you want to achieve from your coaching?

First decide what you want to achieve from your coaching.  If the session or programme is a complete success how will you know?  What would have changed for you?  What will you be doing differently and by when will this change have happened?  How committed are you to this change? What will making this change do for you?

How To find the right coach
Coaching for Excellence

Once you know what you want to achieve and the type of programme you want to invest in the next decision is how much you want to invest.  Most coaches will offer face-to-face or Skype/telephone coaching.  The latter is more cost-effective and offers the opportunity for shorter and more frequent coaching sessions and the coach can  be based anywhere in the world. Face-to-face will cost more as it includes room hire and travel but allows for deeper transformational work to take place .

Igniting Minds will be happy to discuss your coaching needs. We would love to design and deliver the perfect coaching programme for you and your organisation that achieves the outcomes you want, within your timescale and your budget.

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What experience, qualifications and testimonials do they have?

There is a plethora of training and qualifications in coaching which can range from short weekend courses to post graduate university degrees.    Which accreditation body is the coach a member of?  Do they invest in their own CPD and do they have a supervisor?  Current respected accrediting bodies are:

The Association for Coaching
Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS)
The Coaching Psychology Forum
The European Mentoring and Coaching Council
The International Coach Federation.

Igniting Mind is a member of the Association for Coaching and Jacqueline Davis is the regional lead for the London co-coaching forums.  Click here to read more about Igniting Minds.  

“Wow, I have only had one session and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my working shoulders!” Lesley Dodd, CEO, Ealing Mencap

Testimonials are an excellent way to find out what their current and past clients have gained from coaching.  Click here to read what our clients say about us.

What’s their back ground?  Do they understand your sector?

Coaching is a meeting of equals and although any good coach will respect you as the expert in your life they will be of more use to you if they understand the sector and level that you are working in.  Often their knowledge of a specific area can really add to the benefits you will receive from coaching.

What’s their approach?

It’s advisable to have a discovery session by having a in person or zoom meeting with the coach prior to contracting to a coaching programme.   Change happens in relationship. Notice how you safe you feel with this person. Do their questions encourage you to think? How much experience do they have of working with your presenting issues?

How much can you expect to invest?

This varies greatly and there are no specific guidelines as to how much a coach should charge.  Generally the more qualified and experienced the coach the more they charge but be alert as this is not always the case.  Personal coaching usually costs less than business and professional coaching and the higher up the corporate ladder the coach works the higher their fees.

What other customers have gained from coaching

Some of our customers just want to have one session to talk through a decision that they

Leadership Coaching
From doubt to clarity.

need to make. Others want more frequent sessions to manage stress, build confidence or communicate more effectively.  Or  a programme to build their leadership skills to create and implement a new change management programme to change the organisations culture and align teams with the right values, beliefs and behaviours.

Contact us to find out more about the range of programmes and services offered by Igniting Minds. We have created a plethora of    resources to support you.

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