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Igniting Minds transpersonal developmental executive and life coaching.

Igniting Minds, was founded in 2010 by Jacqueline Davis CDir, MA. It delivers transpersonal and developmental executive and life coaching.

Sustainable Change

My coaching is transpersonal. I work with mind, body, soul and spirit. There is a mystery to the nature of change. The more I work with clients the more I am convinced that there is a magic at work when we set our intention and align all parts of us to receive.

My coaching is systemic.  No one is an island. We are part of many interconnected systems that impact our thinking and behaving and in turn how we think and behave changes the system. When individuals change the way they perceive and interact with their environment the environment changes.  

My coaching is developmental. I support the development of the whole person by drawing on wider fields of knowledge such as psychology, philosophy, movement and neuroscience. I support you to become the person that you desire and need to be. This is sustainable change.

My coaching is transformational. This shifts the level of an individuals meaning making vertically to a new way of thinking about the world. I am a certificated user of the HarthilI Leadership Development Framework which assesses the level at which an individual makes meaning. This is deep work to help you flourish and self-actualise into your true potential.

Continuous development I am always investing in my own development and learning. I invest in regular coaching and therapy supervision. Each year I set my self training and development goals. This year I am training in the Internal Family System, learning more about working with trauma and participating in a movement medicine workshop in Rome.

Social Enterprise Igniting Minds is a social enterprise and we are passionate about supporting positive change in the world. Our preferred clients are those that are supporting voluntary, social, eco and creative enterprises.   We like working with them so much that we offer bursaries to those who are unable to pay the full fee

How can we help?  

Let’s have a conversation on the telephone or Zoom to explore how we might be able to help you.                 Email Jackie