How To Be Productive


This year I intend to achieve all of my goals and to do this I need to be more productive. So picking the best tips that I have learned from my teachers, coaches and friends I begin the year with intention, focus, motivation and a commitment to succeed.

1  First I evaluated my successes from the year before.  What were my biggest successes, my biggest disappointments and what I had I learned from these?  I then selected one problem I will leave behind for good.

2  Next I reviewed my values and selected the top 5 that I will live this year by.

3  Then I selected 5 goals that I will achieve by the end of the year. I thought about them as if I had already achieved them.  I imagined myself celebrating my success and contemplated the difference these successes would make to my life.

4  Starting with the end in mind I broke my goals down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks making a note to build in a reward for achievement. I imagined what completion would look like for each task to ensure that tasks were completed and not shelved.  I also made a promise to myself to allow mistakes and cut my losses if necessary. 

5  The problem that I will leave behind for good is hoarding.  So the first task was to declutter my home and office and then install the habit of deleting and binning anything that was no longer useful.  This includes any negative thoughts or behaviour patterns.

6  Next was to ensure I stayed motivated and focussed so I created a powerful exercise to put me in a peak emotional state to start each month, week, day and hour . This will prevent me being pulled off course by the little distractors.

7  To achieve this I need to maintain physical, mental and spiritual fitness so I scheduled in lots of breaks to reflect, refuel and ensure that I was fully present and loving what I was doing.

8  Then as always I planned my own development to ensure I had the right coaches, mentors and training in place.

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