Igniting Minds delivers executive leadership coaching and organisational development for transformational change.

Jacqueline Davis: Executive, leadership and psychological coach, Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors and NLP Master Hypnotic Practitioner

Igniting Minds delivers executive leadership coaching and organisational development for transformational change.

Leading in the VUCA world

The world we live and work in is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).  Change is happening at an ever increasing speed and this puts added pressure on leaders, managers and their teams.  

Today’s leaders need to make confident decisions whilst faced with constant changing and emerging information. Decision making can become overwhelming and stressful. This is why so many successful leaders choose to work with a coach.

Why coaching for the not-for-profit sector?

In the not-for-profit sector there is a growing need to achieve more with less resources. To have a clear strategic vision, shared values and the ability to build strong relationships to co-create success.

This can be demanding and exciting. It can also be stressful and impact negatively on the health of the workforce.  Working with a coach provides the quiet space in a fast moving world to take a breath, think, explore and create the success you want.  Investing in coaching pays dividends for all: you, your teams, the organisation, the customer and society.

Benefits of executive leadership coaching for the not-for-profit sector;

  • more productive working relationships
  • increased confidence and well-being
  • the ability to think and act more strategically
  • a greater understanding of the landscape that you are working in
  • support to identify and change limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns
  • the courage to try new innovative ways of working
  • an ability to effectively delegate up and down
  • clearer focus and identification of purpose and direction
  • increased funding, efficiency and organisational impact
  • a more balanced, healthier and happy life
  • more effortless success

Our model for providing executive leadership coaching and organisational development

Igniting Minds coaching, training and organisational development programmes are grounded in systems theory and practice and informed by Gestalt, mindfulness, NLP and neuroscience.   We will support you and your teams to expand your awareness of what is happening systemically in the wider environment and relationally across the organisation.  This is valuable data to help you make the changes that your organisation needs.  

We are experts in governance and fundraising 

All our programmes are tailored around your individual, and organisational needs and budget.  We bring together a wealth of experience and skills to develop your teams, executives and your board

Our clients recommend us:

“Jackie has provided time and space for calm reflection providing insightful reflections based on our conversations. She formulates useful and creative approaches and strategies that are helping me within my work in a busy and changing environment.” Mary O’Donell, Operations Manager NHS

“Wow! I only had one session and feel like a weight has been removed from my working   shoulders.”Lesley Dodd, CEO, Ealing Mencap

“Jacqueline has been an exceptional executive coach. She helped me achieve the successful relocation to the O2.  Fully employ the change management techniques required to enhance faculty performance and for staff to fully adopt new working practices.” Barbara Howell, Senior Executive, Ravensbourne College

“Jackie has challenged my thinking and encouraged me to consider new perspectives, but always does so in a very supportive and encouraging way.” Charlotte Lee, Social Worker, Achieving for Children

“Jackie was so intuitive. I was feeling stuck in my life and working with Jackie helped me identify what I wanted and gave me the confidence to go for it. Would highly recommend her as a coach” Dr Dimple Devados (GP)

“Each meeting with Jacqueline helped me to clarify my goals and ambitions and left me with concrete actions and practical strategies.”  Jonny Shipp, Head of Digital Confidence at Telefonica plc