Managing stress and building confidence

Are you are feeling anxious and stressed?  Feeling in need of a confidence boost before returning to work or everyday life post-lockdown.  Then a half day workshop on Zoom will demonstrate  techniques for  managing stress and building confidence.

Did you know that any emotion lasts for 90 seconds unless you feed it with another thought? It is your own thoughts that are creating your emotions. If you change your thinking your life will change? What if I could show you how to do this effortlessly?

I’m offering an opportunity to come along and work with a small group of people to learn how to manage your thoughts to build confidence and reduce anxiety. I will share with you the neuroscience behind how we create our fearful thoughts and anxious feelings and then share with you powerful techniques for living life confidently and without the stress.?

We have been delivering ‘How To Be Fearless’ workshops in Ealing W5 and Hammersmith W6 since 2008.  Participants tell us that these workshops are life changing.

You will Learn To:

  • Build powerful confident states
  • Change your physiology and feel calm when under pressure
  • Banish anxious and stressful thoughts
  • Be fully present in every moment
  • Increase your happiness and well-being

The Fee

£80 for a 3 hour session on Zoom.

Bespoke training in your place of work

Contact us on 02087408802 or email

What workshop attendees say about our training 

“What a great session.”  “Everyone should know this stuff.”   “This is life changing.”   “I can’t believe how much time I wasted with stressful thoughts.” 

Click here to download free resources on managing stress and building confidence How To Be Fearless Tips and Techniques

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