NLP training

We deliver powerful, life changing NLP training where we share with you powerful techniques to increase confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

Image of jacqueline Davis and Paul Mckenna
Jacqueline assisting Paul Mckenna at the Hammersmith Apollo February 2011

Millions of people have learned to banish stress, anxiety and increase confidence by learning powerful NLP techniques. In this one day NLP training workshop we will show you how to identify limiting self talk and beliefs, recognise your crumple buttons and notice when you slip into an unresourceful states.

Once these outdated patterns are in your awareness you can then begin to change them for positive internal dialogue, empowering beliefs and create space between stimulus and response to give you the power to respond more resourcefully in the moment.

These workshops are delivered in small groups to maximise the amount of individual attention everyone can receive. There will be lots of practical exercises delivered in small groups of two or three people.

Participants have reported increased levels of happiness, well-being and confidence following their attendance on the workshop. Successes have included gaining promotion at work, smashing the job interview and delivering a killer presentation.

 All workshops are facilitated by Jacqueline Davis who was trained by Paul Mckenna and his teacher Richard Bandler. About Jacqueline Davis. We hold regular workshops in Hammersmith, Ealing and on Zoom.

To book a place or discuss your training needs telephone 020 8740 8802 or email. We can also design a workshop to meet your team or organisations needs..

What particpants on past workshops have said:

Picture of business coaching in west london
In today’s economy you can’t afford not to invest in the development of you and your organisation.

“What a great session.”  “Everyone should know this stuff.”   “This is life changing.”   “I can’t believe how much time I wasted with stressful thoughts.” “I haven’t had to use the techniques as nothing stressful has happened to me since” 

“The workshop focused my attention on where I want to be and how to get there – which I will!” Julia Halligan, Participant on Create Your Future workshop

The workshop was perfect and Jackie was excellent. It gave me the confidence I needed” Steve McHugh, Participant on Create Your Future workshop

“The workshop was one of the most illuminating learning experiences that I have had in my life” Lucy Haresting, Participant on Create Your Future workshop