Training to manage anxiety

Workshops to reduce anxietyLearn how to manage anxiety and reduce fear based thinking. In small groups of between four and six people we will meet 2 hours per week on Zoom for  four weeks  or face-to-face for one full day.  You will learn coping mechanisms that include setting a clear intention, being present with what is, creating and managing resourceful states, change limiting beliefs and eliminate negative thinking and becoming more aware of somatic responses.

Fee £250 per person. Email for dates.

Training for young people

Workshops for young people

Igniting Minds is an approved provider for Kickstart. The DWP’s new flagship project for young people. We are delivering a modular based programme that offers a choice of six modules ranging from individual career and life coaching to workshops that increase employability, interview techniques, confidence and management of anxiety.

Phone 0208 740 8802 or email Click here for more informations

Exploring the dream

Workshops to explore dreaming

In small dream groups of just four people you will be trained to develop your dream recall and explore the wealth of information held in your dreams.  Most people have several dreams each night but we don’t always remember them.  During the workshop you will recall your dreams and be invited to return to your chosen dream.  Each time you re-enter the dream time witnessed by others you will gain greater insights into your unconscious mind.  This can be powerful information that throws light on any blocks that may be holding you back from achieving what you want from life.

Fees from £30 per session. Click here for more information

90 days to break through the barriers

90-day challenge

A 90-day programme to help you break through the barriers that are holding you back? Using a blend of NLP, psychology and transpersonal coaching we will explore deep patterns and through meditation, journeying, dreamwork, dialogue and ceremony change these patterns for more empowering ones. It takes 90 days to change a habit.

Group Coaching and Supervision

For teams and managers. These sessions are tailored to your needs.

All sessions are available on-line and in socially distanced physical meet-ups.  

Phone 0208740 8802 or email for further information