Powerful shamanic coaching programme

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we are launching a brand new product. One which brings together coaching, NLP, psychology, neuroscience and shamanism into a powerful catalyst for change. This is a powerful shamanic coaching programme to help you break through the barriers that have prevented you reaching your full potential.

I’m inviting people who are ready and willing for change to step up to the challenge and join me on a 90-day intensive shamanic coaching programme .  We all define success differently.  If you broke through all the barriers that were holding you back what would success look like for you?

I will deliver coaching and training in small groups.  We will meet regularly on Zoom and participate in socially distanced nature walks. Between meetings there will be meditations and creative exercises to do. We will check in regularly on progress, you will receive teachings on line and through email. Step by step you will be coached for success.  

This programme won’t be for everyone.  It’s transpersonal which means it goes beyond the cognitive to align mind, body and soul. 

I will use powerful change techniques taken from psychology, nuero-science, hypnosis, NLP, shamanism, art and movement to support you to break through long held barriers to emerge as the authentic confident you.  

Sign now and you could be living the life you want by Christmas?
Investment is £750 per person and this includes all group meetings, emails and one-to-one support.  Bursaries available on request.

All applicants will be invited to a short no obligation to buy one-to-one conversation to assess their readiness for change and suitability for group coaching.  Dates and times of meetings to be agreed.