How To Be The Chief Excitement Officer

What would you do as the Chief Excitement Officer?

I was recently privileged to hear Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi speaking at the Institute of Directors Annual Convention and he said that to succeed in business today we need to change the language of management and that’s why he believes CEO should stand for Chief Excitement Officer. He went on to assert that in our fast changing uncertain environment there is no such thing as the big idea anymore.  Success is made from lots of little ideas tested and used or replaced quickly.  To win today he says we need to power things up and speed things up.

We  need to dream and share that dream.  Share our passion and our excitement to realise that dream with our stakeholders.  In an uncertain and rapidly changing environment I believe we also need to add fun.


Inject excitement into your organisation to speed up change.

After all we do our best work when we are having fun. Have you ever been out with friends having a great time, laughing, feeling confident and powerful – the brain juice is flowing? Then another time you’re in a different situation and you feel pressured, anxious and fearful and the brain juice dries up and you struggle to find the answer to the simplest question. The more you struggle the more anxious you become and the situation gets worst.  Sound familiar?

 Our feelings are not created by external factors.  We create our feelings internally by how we think about the external factors.  So our thoughts create emotions and any emotion lasts for 90 seconds unless fed with another thought. Don’t believe me, then think of a time when you were having a lot of fun. Imagine you’re there now. What’s happening to your emotions?  Starting to feel good for no reason at all?  You can choose and create your emotions in any moment.  In every moment we have the power of choice, the power to choose our thoughts and create our emotional state.   Feelings of happiness and excitement are contagious so you also get to pass them on.

 So, be the Chief Excitement Officer of your life.  Before you step out of your room each morning think of a time that you felt really excited about a future event.  Feel that excitement and think of the feeling intensifying until you feel that you will burst with the excitement.  Then set your intention for the day, imagine your achievements – see them vividly in your mind.  Dream – imagine the difference your achievements will make to the lives of your family, friends, clients, team, organisation, community and the world.  Turn up those feelings of excitement, turn them up even more and then step out to lead your life and your organisation to achieve success.

Excitement like happiness is contagious and can easily become a habit!

The more you repeat this exercise the more powerful it becomes.  You wouldn’t expect to work-out in a gym for an hour and have the body beautiful for life but if you worked out for an hour a day then you’d be looking pretty good!  It’s the same when we work to change our mindset or attitude to life. Just practise injecting excitement into yourself and others everyday and soon you will be the Chief Excitement Officer to everyone you meet.

 There are many ways that we can take control of our lives and achieve more success by changing our thinking and emotions.  

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