Ealing Kickstart

Ealing Kickstart is a new programme to help young people get work. If you are a West London based employer why not employ a young person for six months to give them an employment opportunity. The government will pay their salary and give the employer £1,500 to spend on the young persons training. Click to Ealing Council website.Igniting Minds is working with Ealing Council to provide training, coaching and employment support for your young Kickstart employee.

The Igniting Minds’ Kickstart programme

Delivered by Jacqueline Davis and Navjeet Grewal. We are locally based psychologically trained coaches, trainers and facilitators.  We focus on delivering key skills and information to help young people to become employment ready and an asset to the workplace.  Young people are coached to identify what they want in life, build confidence to achieve this and create well-being and manage anxiety to maintain good mental health.

We will support the employer and the employee in the Kickstart programme to ensure the placement is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both. We will deliver a bespoke modular programme from which you can pick and mix from six modules or we can design a module specifically tailored to your needs.  You can choose to spend all or part of your £1,500 budget with us.

At the beginning of the programme we will meet with the employer and the employee to identify the support that will be needed and agree a three-way contract with clear measurable objectives, actions, timescale and a review process.  You can then select from