Dream Groups

Dreaming Groups

Join one of our dream groups and explore what your dreams reveal about you. Ever been curious about a dream? Ever wondered how your dreams relate to your waking life. We offer two dream groups; a six week intensive dream group and a one-year deeper exploration into dreams.

You will be supported to set your intention for dreaming, keep a dream journal and to revisit your dreams to explore hidden meanings and messages.

Dreamtime when accessed with intention can be a powerful technique to develop skills, remove obstacles to change and increase motivation, confidence and well being.

Everyone Dreams

On average we have a dream every 90-minutes whilst sleeping. You won’t know you’ve been dreaming unless you wake up in the middle of the dream. You then need to bring the dream fully into awareness or it will slip back down into unconsciousness. Then you must write it down immediately before you forget. We advise everyone who joins our dreaming groups to keep a dream journal and every night to set their intention to remember their dreams.

Our Dreams

Dream reflection

Dreams can be packed with information about who we are, what we want from life and what is holding us back from achieving it. This rich data often goes unseen and unheard but by taking time to explore our dreams we get an illuminating insight into our psyche. For example, the characters in our dreams might be people we know from the past or present or different parts of ourselves. When we pay attention we bring the unconscious into our consciousness and we can take a look at the shadow areas of untapped potential and disowned self.

Participating in a dreaming group is a great privilege. Not only do you get to explore your own dreams but you have an invitation to be curious and collectively explore the dreams of others. As a group we will collectively shine a light into the obscure world of the dream.

You will learn how to;

  • keep a dream journal
  • remember and revisit your dreams
  • utilise the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states to improve your skills and life
  • become lucid in your dreams
  • understand the symbols of your dream world
  • look into the shadow of the hidden potential and the disavowed self
  • use the dreamtime for problem solving and guidance.

Our Approach to Understanding Dreams

We take a clean non-interpretative approach to exploring what your dreams are revealing. By working in the present moment you are supported to revisit the dream that intrigues you. We will use a number of techniques to release the energy of the dream and explore the meaning that we attach to this.

How I use data from dreams in coaching

Dreams offer a rich source of data that provides the professional and the client with another lens or perspective to explore the situation. This additional information can throw a new light on the barriers that are preventing you from making the changes that you want.

I offer dream exploration as a coaching intervention. I take a non-directive approach to helping you understand your dreams. I don’t analyse or interpret. Instead I invite you to revisit your dream in our session. I listen to your dream and ask questions to help you explore the symbols and deeper meaning of the dream.

Clients find this helps them gain greater insight into and create change in outdated thinking and behaviours.

Who Participates in our Dream Groups

Our dreaming groups are popular with helping professionals such as coaches, therapists and counsellors and people who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Participants tell us that our dreaming group provides a powerful experience and an insightful lens to work more deeply with themselves and their clients.

Our Dream Groups

We provide a safe space to explore the previously unseen and unknown. Our groups are kept to a maximum of four participants. Applicants will be invited to complete an application form and a short telephone conversation with the facilitator to answer any questions.

We offer three dream groups.

Introduction to Dreaming, You will learn to set your dream intention, remember your dreams, revisit your dreams and use the hypnogogic and hypnopompic dream states to make decisions, and learn new skills. Fee £50 per person per session.

Intensive Dream Discovery. These dream groups are limited to four people and are 90 minutes a week for six weeks. In each session there will be training and then sharing and exploration of dreams. You will be held in a psychologically safe place and will be invited to explore only as deeply as is comfortable for you. Fee £300 per person for six weeks

One-year dreaming group. These are closed groups of four participants who meet fortnightly for a year. Currently both our one-year dream groups are full. However, there will be a new group starting in September 2022.

How to Book on our Dream Groups

Click here to Email your interest and request further information .

If you are interested in joining our one year group in September click here to email for more information.

Testimonials from Participants of our Dream Groups

Participants on our one-year dreaming group tell us that they have gained;

  • a deeper understanding of their behaviour
  • a new resource in using the dream time to seek solutions and guidance
  • lucidity in dreaming
  • the ability to create a mindset to literally live the lives of their dreams.

“Just wanted to let you know that what you are offering in the dream work feels very clean , practical , accessible , user friendly and I can feel the difference in my body and life. Altogether very empowering” Kit Kins

Jacqueline Davis Facilitator Dream Groups

Jacqueline has 12 years experience of working with dreams as a shamanic practitioner and healer and as a psychological coach and trainee transpersonal psychotherapist. She has trained with Richard Bandler, Paul Mckenna, School of Movement Medicine, Embercombe and Northern Drum. Jacqueline has been a member of the Northern Drum since 2013. Click here for more information about Jacqueline Davis.