Contemporary Shamanism

Shamans Drum

Contemporary shamanism blends indigenous wisdom and practice with mindfulness, transpersonal coaching and therapeutic interventions. We engage the mind, body and spirit. We will work in drum journeys, nature walks, meditation, dialogue, dreamtime and ceremony to gain insights and power from our higher self, our ancestors, animal helpers, spirit teachers and guides and nature spirits. Contemporary Shamanism is powerful as it taps into resources and ways of seeing that are under used in modern society.

Other ways of seeing

In shamanism there are two realities the ordinary and the non-ordinary. In shamanic coaching you will be supported to alter your states of consciousness through meditation, nature walking, dreaming and drumming to journey to gain information and insights from the non-ordinary reality.

An Invitation

I’m inviting you to step up to the challenge and join me on a 90-day intensive group coaching programme .  You will be immersed in a programme that brings together somatic coaching, NLP, psychology, neuroscience and contemporary shamanism.

This is an on-line programme. You will learn to use empowering techniques to help you break through the barriers that have previously held you back from achieving change.  What would success look like for you? Are you ready and willing to change?

Are you ready? Then step up now and immerse yourself in a powerful catalyst for change.

Phone 0208 740 8802 or email

Working in small groups

We will meet weekly on Zoom for teachings and progress reports and between meetings participate daily in meditation, journeys, creative activities and socially distanced nature walks. Individual questions will be answered and daily guidance given through email and WhatsApp . You will be coached, supported and empowered to achieve success.  

Change Your Life in 90 days

It takes 90-days to change a habit to a more empowering pattern of thinking and behaving. This shamanic coaching programme isn’t for everyone.  If you want powerful change then it’s for you.

Next start date 10th July 2021

Other dates and times of meetings to be agreed.

Investment is £750

Your fee includes all group meetings, emails and one-to-one support.  Bursaries are available.


You will be invited to a short interview to assess your readiness for change and your suitability for group coaching.  This will be a one-to-one conversation with no obligation to buy.

About Jacqueline Davis

I have trained with Northern Drum since 2012 and I am currently a member of the Northern Drum Medicine Lodge. Where I study under the guidance of Chris Luttichau. I am a Trustee of Embercombe and I am currently studying on a one-year course on Contemporary Animism. Click here to read more about me; Jacqueline Davis