Psychological Life Coach in West London

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Coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective personal and business development tools, because it is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Psychological life coach in West London

  • identify what you really want from life

I offer psychological life coaching that will support you to better understand your challenges and to create new thought and behaviour patterns to help you create the life you want.

Psychological coaching will help you to;

  • identify what you really want from life
  • recognise and overcome limiting and self destructive patterns of thinking and behaving 
  • create change your life
  • build confidence and self esteem
  • expand your awareness of the choices that are available to you and make better decisions
  • overcome anxiety and stress
  • increase your happiness, resilience and well-being

About me

I am a master NLP hypnotic practitioner with a masters degree in psychological coaching.  I practice daily meditation and yoga to enable me to be deeply present with my clients.

My psychological coaching model?

A skilled and experienced life coach for when you want to move on in your life.

I work within an integrative coaching model that is based on Gestalt, NLP, somatic experiencing, mindfulness and neuroscience.  My clients experience my coaching as deeply healing and transformational.  I work transpersonally inviting the whole self; mind, body and soul into the coaching relationship.   I work somatically by gently encouraging my clients to become more aware of of sensations, feelings and intelligence that is held in the body. I support my clients to recognise the systemic patterns and forces at play and take a different view of issues that are often experienced at a personal level but are actually systemic.  

I have developed a deep signature presence and ability to connect with and hold my clients through these new explorations. I believe that the change happens in the container of the relationship.  It is here that we witness and explore new emergent thinking  and choose new more empowering behaviours for change.

Creating a calm, still place to explore the meaning we are making

My clients are amazed at how quickly their lives start to change and how much more confident and happier they feel as they deal with issues that they may have avoided in the past.

My clients include GPs, psychotherapists, TV producers,  business owners and CEOs.  

What my clients say

“In the 9 months that I have been coached by Jackie I have doubled my earnings, gained a contract to sing at the Covent Garden Opera House and moved into the house of my dreams.” Sharon Selman, Opera Singer and Owner of Unique Fairtrade.

“Jackie was so intuitive. I was feeling stuck in my life and working with Jackie helped me identify what I wanted and gave me the confidence to go for it. I wish I’d invested in her coaching sooner. Would highly recommend her as a coach” Dr Dimple Devados (GP)

“It was such a wonderful session.  I really enjoyed being alive and in the moment and I feel that you really inspire me to be as authentic as I can possibly be.” Nadine Mortimer Smith, Opera Singer

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If you would like to know more about how life life coaching can help you then email me to arrange a free no obligation to buy chemistry session.