Executive Coaching for the Voluntary Sector

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Our rapidly changing world is constantly presenting new information, opportunities and threats. Today’s leaders need to make decisions fast and be prepared to change these decision as new data emerges. To do this confidently we need new leadership capabilities and time for quality reflection and planning.  We support the development of new leadership skills and mindset with executive coaching for the voluntary sector.

Why Executive Coaching for the Voluntary Sector

Voluntary sector leaders often feel isolated and sandwiched between their teams and a non-executive board.  Working with an executive coach creates a quiet space to think things through and look at options from different perspectives. 

 We do our best thinking when we feel heard and understood.   Whatever you bring to coaching we will work together to expand your awareness of the issue and view your challenges from different perspectives.  Time spent focussing in this way will help you identify more options and make better decisions.

Coaching will help you develop a leadership mindset and increased confidence in your abilities.  We will work together to manage stress and and establish a healthy work life balance so that you can grow into the leader that your organisation needs. 

How Executive Coaching Works

We begin by exploring what a successful coaching outcome will look like for you.  This might be performance based with clear, measurable goals and milestones.  Or you might want to develop the softer transferable skills of resilience, confidence or relationship building. 

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Psychometric profiling – Jacqueline is an authorised user of the Harthill Leadership Development Framework.

As your coach I will ask insightful questions to help you explore the meaning you are making of a situation and create space for new data, beliefs and options to emerge.  

We offer psychological testing to determine your stage of meaning making or action logic.  Then through transformational coaching you can consolidate or expand on the action logic from which you make meaning.  More about Action Logic can be read here.

Why Work With Igniting Minds

Igniting Minds is led by Jacqueline Davis who was a Chief Executive of a charity for eighteen years and  continues to work in the voluntary sector as coach, organisational development consultant and fundraiser.  She understands the challenges that you might be facing.

Her coaching is an integrated model of  powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt, transactional analysis and neuroscience combined with many business tools to support you to become the leader that your organisation needs.

We are happy to provide a free no obligation initial session for you to explore whether we are the right coach for you and your organisation.

What our clients say about us

“Jacqueline has been an exceptional executive coach and helped me achieve the successful transition (relocation) and fully employ the change management techniques required to enhance faculty performance and for staff to fully adopt new working practices.” Barbara Howell, Senior Executive, Ravensbourne College

We are delighted to be working with Igniting Minds to create a new business strategy and provide executive and team coaching to help us implement it. I am grateful to Jackie for helping us realise that we are capable of achieving much in the face of adversity.  Jackie empowered us to succeed and her vast experience of working in the voluntary sector was invaluable.” Kaveh Kalantari – Iranian Association

“I was promoted to a senior management position and Jackie’s coaching helped me develop my leadership and management  skills.  With coaching I was able to step up to my new role with confidence and enjoy overcoming each new challenge.” Safa Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Hale.

“Jackie has been my coach for nearly two years and the experience has been very creative and innovative. You tap into your energy and the light bulb brightens; after a session you feel lifted and ready to face the challenge ahead. Being the CEO of a voluntary sector organisation I would recommend this valuable time with her to help get ideas into perspective for growth, development and sustainability. Very, very interesting sessions.” Ibukun Olashore, CEO, OBAC

Igniting Minds is an approved supplier for the Big Lottery Foundation and the Clore Leadership Programme.