Covid-19 A threat or opportunity

As I write this, Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic and we are self isolating to protect ourselves and others who may be more vulnerable. I ponder the question is Covid-19 a threat or an opportunity. I’m holding the polarity that whilst some people are going into fear and stockpiling food others are reaching out in kindness to support the more vulnerable members of our society. Covid-19 shows us the paradox that although we might be self-isolating we can no longer deny that we are all connected on a global scale.

We are witnessing our economic structure buckling under the strain of rapid social change. When this settles as we pick up the pieces we have an opportunity to co-create a sustainable system for future generations.

What if we used this as an opportunity to restart society on a greener, more environment conscious foot? Might this be an opportunity to shift our economic infrastructure from an ego-system to a sustainable eco-system?

To explore this opportunity we need to pull on all our resources to stay mindful, present in the moment and in love with life. Fear and anxiety is proven to weaken the immune system whereas expressing gratitude helps us stay positive, happy and healthy.

Igniting Minds is now offering its services on line. At 7am every morning we deliver free mindfulness, gratitude and protection meditations to help you begin and continue to live your day in your most resourceful state. Email us to receive your link and access to the online mindfulness meditations.

I have over twenty years experience of practicing daily mindfulness. Developing a daily meditation practice has enabled me to bring mindfulness and presence to all that I do.

I have developed a resource of tips and techniques that I want to share with you. The following links will give access to tips and techniques on: How to Be Mindful: How to Be Fearless: and Building Mental Resilience.

Going into fear will lower your immunity, restrict your capacity to think strategically and stop you making the best use of your time in isolation.

If you can’t attend the online mindfulness sessions then I have provided a link to a daily virus protection meditation created and narrated by Natasha Saltzer.

Being in isolation can be received as a gift of time and an opportunity to future proof ourselves and our businesses. Igniting Minds is now delivering its leadership coaching on-line and we can support you to review and create new business strategies and plans, explore your career options and help you build the leadership skills for an ever increasing volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

This is an opportunity to change patterns. Whether this is increasing confidence, communication skills, reducing anxiety and stress then why not invest your time in coaching and the future you.

We are offering three new products: 

  • on-line psychological life coaching and leadership coaching:
  • nature walk coaching
  • early morning online meditation

All are powerful and cost effective ways of supporting you to stay calm and healthy and explore new creative and innovative options for the future.

Email us today for a free exploration of your coaching needs. Or telephone 0208 740 8802

Let’s stay calm and resourceful during these volatile and uncertain times and together we can help co-create a more sustainable world for future generations.