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525520_426604740726662_1304498153_nThe story of the two wolves

There is an old Cherokee legend – the story of the two wolves.  A son says to his father I so want to be a good person and I try so hard but sometimes I think and I do very bad things.  The father took his son’s hand and said within all of us lives two wolves.  The white wolf and the dark wolf and they are constantly fighting to control our thoughts and actions.  The son looked up at his father wide-eyed and asked “but which one will win?”  The father squeezed his son’s hand lovingly and said “The one you feed!”

Where attention goes energy flow

What we think about is what we attract.  The mind does not process a negative. If I ask you not to think about a bright pink elephant.  I’m guessing you thought about it and then tried to delete it. Well that’s how negative thinking works.  We think about what we don’t want and then we start to notice it everywhere we look.  

Think about what you want.  In every situation think about your desired outcome. Then notice how opportunities to achieve this start to manifest.  This is a thinking strategy you will have many strategies.  

What is a strategy?

65940_491191387604257_465634720_nOur minds run programmes or strategies for everything that we do.  There will be some things that we do so brilliantly and effortlessly that we consider it to be our natural talent. And there will be other things or areas of our lives that do not go so well. 

In both these scenarios we will be operating strategies that we learned such a long time ago that we now apply them without thinking.  We are operating at an unconsciously level.  We are so familiar with our strategies that it is almost impossible to elicit the strategy that we are using without the help of someone else. 

So how can I identify and change them? 

Leadership coaching in London
Helping you to identify and install success strategies.

When I am coaching my clients I am observing and asking questions that will reveal the strategies that they are using.  The right questions will bring this behaviour or thought pattern into their awareness and that is when the change happens.  The light bulb moment when an area of thinking or behaviour becomes visible and we can then look to change all of it or part of it

 Coaching questions bring the unconscious into awareness and it is there that the client can work on creating desired change.  

How can strategy elicitation and installation help you?

10383493_759706680748558_4025785209214635368_nOnce we have retrieved the formula for your success strategy we can install all or part of it into an area of your life that may not be flowing so well.  For example you may notice that you are an excellent negotiator with external stakeholders but not so great with your staff team.  Or there might notice that your motivation is higher in one area of your life and lower in others. 

All strategies are great when they get you the results you want.  If you are not achieving desired results then phone us today and book a session.

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As Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

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