About Dr Mandy Bromley

Dr Mandy Bromley leading change with Igniting Minds

Dr Mandy Bromley leading transformational change

Dr Mandy Bromley leads on Igniting Minds change management programmes.  She is an Organisational & Leadership Development professional with a deep understanding of change management, talent, teams and organisations gained in over 20 years’ global experience with multi-nationals Cadbury Schweppes & Unilever; enhanced by a Masters in Organisational Consulting; Masters in Psychological Coaching & Doctorate in Business Administration. Recognised for working in a collaborative and systemic way her extensive experience means that she is optimally placed to advise in an integrated way across strategic OD agendas.  

Key projects:

  • Partnered with the Supply Chain leadership team to design change initiatives to create a differentiated and more competitive Supply Chain (70, 000 employees); resulting in being recognised by Gartner as the No 1 FMCG Supply Chain
  • Partnered with the leadership team on the change management of a major global re-organisation of the R & D function across 6000 employees; this included organisational reconfiguration, re-designed jobs & significant cultural change around working practice
  • Identified, designed and delivered a global change initiative to work more effectively between geography & category interfaces. Developed a scalable model for use by HR across the global organisation. Established methodology for on-going team coaching for leadership teams
  • Designed a simplification of the Unilever Operating Framework, specifically looking at principles and archetype structures for Unilever Operating companies; thus, leveraging it for competitive advantage
  • Developed an enhanced approach to culture change by paying attention to the less tangible aspects eg role modelling, alignment and engagement used across a number of strategic activities
  • Improved diversity in Supply Chain (30% female) through a deep dive inquiry into the drivers of diversity and the subsequent implementation of a Diversity change programme including the development of a female leaders’ programme; Inclusion workshops to 3000 managers, & activities around attraction & retention. Mentored participants post the programme.
  • Developed global process and organisational business model & a change methodology to support a major SAP implementation. Working with local HR / Change teams (USA, Japan, Australia) to support project implementation including: stakeholder engagement, user readiness, job design, training and education