Transformational business coaching

Transformational business coaching to develop your leadership skills.

Jonathan Edwards triple jumped 18.26 metres because he had a big enough why. Working with a business coach helps you focus on the reason you are in business.

Whether you are starting up your own business for the first time or your business is growing and you have hit new or familiar challenges transformational business coaching will help you move to the next stage.

The skills and experience that got you to where you are today are not necessarily the right ones to support you on the next stage of development.

To achieve different goals we need to do think and act differently.  Successful companies of any size need good leadership and that starts with you.

Our business coaching is transformational.  We can help you develop the appropriate leadership skills and practices and more importantly we can coach you to expand your thinking into a new leadership action logic.

We will help you create your business goals and key objectives and coach you to achieve this.  We will also coach you to expand your awareness to notice more choices, your meaning making and make better business decisions.

“Jackie has been a valuable asset to my business and my own development. As a business owner and without a large corporate framework and superiors, I had set my own development ‘ceiling’ for many years. Working with Jackie has been inspirational and has enabled me to break through this ‘ceiling’.”Sandra Wheatley, Director, Demographik

Transformational coaching for business

We are a London based business coaching provider and will deliver coaching at a venue convenient for you.  Our coaching can be delivered face-to-face or via Zoom and Skype.

The advantages of transformationalbusiness coaching

Business coaching

A journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.

Advantages of business coaching include greater awareness of opportunities and the confidence to execute.  Increased productivity and reduced anxiety and stress.   Many report back that they achieved more and in less time than they had thought possible.  

Daria, in London doubled her sales and income in as little as 3-months whilst being happier and spending more time with her young family.  

Why work with an Igniting Minds business coach?

Igniting Minds has over 28-years experience supporting businesses to flourish.  We are specialists in  leadership development and good governance. Jacqueline is a Fellow and Chartered Director with the Institute of Directors and regularly interviews and supports the IOD professional development team.  She is  a psychological and executive coach, NLP master practitioner, successful business woman, executive and non-executive board director.  

“Each meeting with Jacqueline helped me to clarify my goals and ambitions and left me with concrete actions and practical strategies.  She helped me communicate better and have the impact necessary to progress both at work and in other parts of my life.”  Jonny Shipp Head of Digital Confidence at Telefonica Europe plc   

Our special small business coaching package

Business Coaching in London

A business will grow as far as the confidence and competence of its’ leader

This includes a face-to-face strategic planning session in which we will help you create a business strategy with key objectives and an outline business plan.  We will meet at a location convenient for you and then follow-up with two further business coaching sessions on Skype or telephone to help keep you on track to achieve your goals.

“I doubled my turnover in 3-months as a direct result of investing in the small business package. I was able to stay calm, positive and focussed on what I wanted. Great return on investment!”  DF,  London

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“An amazing Business Coach & NLP practitioner. Working with her focused my intentions & helped my business to go from strength to strength.” Sarah Tyler Walters.  

“Wow, I have only had 1 session and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my working shoulders!”  Lesley Dodd, CEO, Ealing Mencap

“It was such a wonderful session.  I really enjoyed being alive and in the moment and I feel that you really inspire me to be as authentic as I can possibly be.” Nadine Mortimer Smith, Opera Singer

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Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask.  Everything you want also wants you.  But you have to take action to get it.” – Jack Canfield


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