NLP Coaching

Igniting Minds provides powerful NLP coaching delivered by NLP master practitioners and trainers.  

NLP training

Jacqueline as an assistant for Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a very powerful tool for increasing emotional flexibility; building confidence; enhancing communication; reducing anxiety and stress levels; banishing fear and phobias; eliminating limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and unwanted behaviours.

Jacqueline Davis assisting Paul Mckenna

Jacqueline assisting Paul Mckenna at the Apollo in London, February 2011

If you have thoughts or behaviours that no longer serve you then coaching with NLP provides a powerful, fast and effective solution. If you want to develop your leadership and business skills or just be happier then coaching with NLP is for you.

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Igniting Minds is led by Jacqueline Davis trained with and was an assistant trainer for Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler.  She has over 8 years experience as an NLP Master Hypnotic Practitioner.  

Igniting Minds delivers NLP workshops for jobseekers and NLP workshops to eliminate stress. 

Phone 020 8740 8802 or  complete and submit the form below and let us contact you.