Coaching for the voluntary sector

Coaching and Training for the Voluntary Sector

Photo of refugee leaders receiving their leadership training certificates

Participants receiving their certificates.

One to one and group coaching for the voluntary sector.  Igniting Minds delivers skills and performance based coaching to develop your senior managers and teams to align with and deliver on the organisational strategy.

Igniting Minds is led by Jacqueline Davis who has over 30 years experience of working in the voluntary sector as Chief Executive, Trustee, fundraiser and organisational development consultant and coach.

Executive Coaching for your Executive and Senior Management Teams

The daily demands and challenges of leading in the voluntary sector can prevent us from finding this time.  Regular meetings with an executive coach will help you create quality time to scan,  reflect, review and plan your moves. An executive coach  becomes a thinking partner to help you get the most from your precious time.  Read more

Mindfulness and Mental Resilience Training and Coaching

It has been said that the average employee spends 30 days per year feeling stressed. This is

Stress really can b an option

a huge wasted resource for any organisation.  This can be avoided. It’s not what happens to us that induces stress but how we respond.  In the gap between stimulus and response we have a choice. 

One to one and group coaching and training will help to raise your awareness of what is happening in the moment and reveal the choices that are available to you.  You will learn and practice many techniques for expanding awareness and monitoring and controlling  your inner state.  

A Stressful Scenario

When we hear the ping of that dreaded email.  We take a sharp intake of breath which then triggers our sympathetic nervous system in preparation for fight or flight.  Once we are aware of doing this we can counter it with a long deep breath out which will activate our parasympathetic nervous system and soothe us to relax.

Seems so simple but without awareness of this we follow the first sharp intake by holding our breath and then taking another breath in which leads to shallow breathing, increased heart rate and the body becomes flooded with cortisol.  If this continues it can negatively impact on our health.

There is another way contact us today to find out how we can help

Igniting Minds will design and deliver one to one and group coaching and training tailored to your individual needs. We can choose to be effective, meet targets without the stress.