Executive Coaching for the Voluntary Sector

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Executive Coaching for the Voluntary Sector

Our rapidly changing world is constantly presenting new opportunities and threats.  Today’s leaders need to keep abreast of these changes and be confident to make decisions in an uncertain environment. 

In this ever changing landscape we need to continually build our leadership capabilities and set time aside for quality reflection and planning.  

Executive Coaching for the Voluntary Sector

The daily demands and challenges of leading in the voluntary sector can prevent us from finding this time.  Regular meetings with an executive coach will help you create quality time to scan,  reflect, review and plan your moves. An executive coach  becomes a thinking partner to help you get the most from your precious time.  

How Executive Coaching Works

We begin by exploring what a successful coaching outcome will look like for you.  This might be performance based with clear, measurable goals and milestones.  Or you might want to develop the softer transferable skills of resilience, confidence or relationship building. We also offer transformational coaching in which you consolidate or expand on the action logic from which you make meaning.  More about Action Logic can be read here.

Executive coaching

Jacqueline licensed to work with the Action Logic assessment tool.

As your coach I will ask insightful questions to help you explore the meaning you are making of a situation and create space for new perspectives, horizons and choices to emerge.  

Voluntary sector leaders can often feel alone and the demands on them can be stressful. Working with an executive coach can help you build your confidence, awareness, systems thinking, decision making skills and well-being. Developing a systemic, relational and somatic awareness will help reduce the likelihood of experiencing the negative effects of long-term stress.

Listening to Ignite Thinking

We do our best thinking when we feel heard and understood.   I was a Chief Executive of a charity for eighteen years and so I understand the specific challenges that you are facing.  I continue to work in the voluntary sector as coach, organisational development consultant and fundraiser.  

My coaching is powerful.  I integrate Neuro Linguistic Programming, Gestalt, Mindfulness, neuroscience with many business tools to support you to develop your leadership capabilities and presence.

I will be happy to provide a free no obligation initial session for you to explore whether I am the right coach for you and your organisation.

”Wow, I have only had one session and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my working shoulders!” Lesley Dodd, CEO, Ealing Mencap

“Coaching can be a highly effective way for voluntary organisations to build professional work-based skills.” – Third Sector

Executive coaching for the voluntary sector

Aligning culture to strategy


Whatever your coaching goals we can help you achieve.

Igniting Minds is an approved supplier for the NCVO Big Assist, The Big Lottery and the Clore Leadership Programme.  

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What voluntary sector leaders say about my coaching

 “This is definitely not just a chat/supervision, Jackie’s techniques help you to consider your experiences past and present and the impact/influences these have had on you as a leader and as a person.”  Lesley Dodd, CEO, Ealing Mencap

I was promoted to a senior management position and Jackie’s coaching helped me develop my leadership and management  skills.  With coaching I was able to step up to my new role with confidence and enjoy overcoming each new challenge.” Safa Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Hale.

“Jacqueline has been an exceptional executive coach and helped me achieve the successful transition (relocation) and fully employ the change management techniques required to enhance faculty performance and for staff to fully adopt new working practices.” Barbara Howell, Senior Executive, Ravensbourne College 

“We are delighted that working with Igniting Minds helped us win a £325,000 Lottery bid” Kaveh Kalantari – Iranian Association Read more

Igniting Minds executive and leadership coaching for charities.

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