Coaching for the Creative Sectors

Leadership Coaching for the Creative Industry

Coaching for successful business and leadership skills.

Our coaching will support you to realise your goals confidently and without the stress. We have 24 years of working within the creative industries and training supporting people to find their dream or launch and grow their creative businesses.

Working with a coach helps expand your creative thinking, set and achieve higher goals creative thinking and  help you develop their leadership and business skills.  Do you love creating and your business is let down by your find that your creative success demands that you now spend more time running your business and managing other people?   Do you want to continue to do the work that you love doing and lead a successful business in your own way?  

We specialise in coaching for the creative sectors.  Together we will create quality thinking time and space to enable you to grow your own authentic leadership style, build on your creative talents and grow your business success.  

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Leadership Coaching for the Film and Broadcast Industry

Benefits of coaching for creative businesses:

  • Time to reflect and create winning strategies.
  • Combine creative and business skills
  • Develop your authentic leadership style
  • Plan for success
  • Spend more time doing what you enjoy
  • Build a business that you love
  • Reduce stress and increase success

We have over 24 years experience supporting hundreds of creative sector businesses and individuals to achieve their goals. 

Phone 020 8740 8802 or click these links to find out more about choosing the right coach for you and more about coaching.

Why our clients recommend us;

“In the 9 months that I have been coached by Jackie I have doubled my earnings, gained a contract to sing at the Covent Garden Opera House and moved into the house of my dreams.  My only regret is that I didn’t invest in coaching years ago.” Sharon Selman, Opera Singer

“Great session yesterday Jackie.  You are a great addition to my life”  Patrick Campbell, OH TV

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