Leadership coaching for individual and organisational growth and development.

Leadership Coaching and Organisational Development.

Igniting Minds leadership coaching helping you steer through the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world that we live in.

When you want different results you need to do things differently. 

We are a team of highly professional and experienced executive coaches, coaching supervisors and organisational development consultants and trainers who have specialist knowledge of creating leaders in the creative, not-for-profit and corporate sectors. 

Jacqueline Davis Leadership Coaching

‘Wow!.’ Lesley Dodd, CEO. 

We hold all our clients in unconditional positive regard.  We respect you as the expert in your life and work. We honour and support you on your journey as you grow into your full personal and professional potential.   

You have achieved so much and with our coaching approach to development you can achieve so much more.

Accredited leadership coach

Member AC

We are all unique and special.  We want different things. So we  design and deliver your coaching programme to meet your specific needs and budget.

Coaching can help you, your organisation and your teams:

  • Lead cultural change.
  • Create and realise a shared vision, purpose and strategy. 
  • Increase motivation and productivity.
  • Identify and manage unproductive thinking and behaviour.
  • Increase awareness of opportunities and choice.
  • Increase confidence, well-being and happiness.
  • Expand into potential.
  • Reduce stress

Whatever the level of change you want from coaching we can help you succeed effortlessly.  

Our clients recommend us:

“Jacqueline has been an exceptional executive coach. She helped me achieve the successful relocation to the O2.  Fully employ the change management techniques required to enhance faculty performance and for staff to fully adopt new working practices.” Barbara Howell, Senior Executive, Ravensbourne College

“Each meeting with Jacqueline helped me to clarify my goals and ambitions and left me with concrete actions and practical strategies” . Jonny Shipp, Head of Digital Confidence at Telefonica plc  

‘Wow! I only had one session and feel like a weight has been removed from my working shoulders.’ Lesley Dodd, CEO.

“Took me on an amazing journey and she was spot on.  Would highly recommend her as a coach” Dr Dimple Devados, GP.

 For a free no-obligation chat about your coaching needs email jackie@ignitingminds.org.uk

or call us on 020 8740 8802  

Executive coaching in West London

Leadership coaching to increase awareness, choices and results.

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